Aupera Endeavors to Continuously Innovate


Aupera’s proprietary Distributed RAID architecture and flash memory file system gives us the competitive-edge over other All-Flash-Array (AFA) storage systems.

Advanced application of Deep Learning in video data analytics

Cutting Edge storage media module providing ideal platform for application that requires ultra low system latency and high endurance

Distributed RAID architecture improves the efficiency of IO transmission and reduces latency

Aupera flash file system to reduce write amplification and improve the life of Flash

Fully distributed computing and storage system, and innovative architecture enabling video content processing + storage

Most efficient architecture for high concurrent video streaming

AuperaTM 2000 Series is new generation of computing and storage system with innovative distributed micro-engine architecture. This micro-engine architecture achieves 10x processing efficiency in multiple video streams processing simultaneously. The AuperaTM 2000 Series are designed for enterprise-level market which focus on optimizing video data storage, processing and analytics application. Our system also achieves software defined power which can dynamically mange power based on individual task group.

For cloud video processing solutions, please contact us for details.


World’s 1st MRAM M.2 Module



Interface NVMe with PCIe Gen2 x4
Capacity 128MB
Components 256Mb perpendicular MTJ (pMTJ) based Spin-Torque MRAM
  • Seq. R/W: Up to 1000/1200 MB/s
  • Random IOPS 4KB R/W: Up to 245K/290K
  • Seq. Latency (typ) R/W: 10 µs
  • BER (typ): < 10^(-22)
  • Cycle Endurance: 1 x 10^10 per page
  • Data Retention: 3 months, 70℃
  • 3.3V Supply Rail
  • Active (typ): 4.5W
AUP-AXL-M series drive is equipped with Everspin’s non-volatile, high endurance DDR3 Spin-Torque MRAM devices and a PCIe interface. It can be widely used for storage cache, buffer and meta-data handling with high performance. AUP-AXL-M series drive is a standard M.2 form factor that can be easily deployed for applications that requires ultra low latency and high endurance. Available now, email: info@auperatech.com, for more detail information

Aup 100/Aup 120


aup 100


Interface PCIe gen2
SSD capacity Up to 2.5TB
Bandwidth Up to 1GB/s
IOPS Up to 90K(4K size read)
Latency <150us
Interface PCIe gen3
SSD capacity Up to 4TB
Bandwidth Up to 3.2GB/s
IOPS Up to 150K(4K size read)
Latency <100us

Please contact us to inquire more on Aupera’s available solution based on your customized application.