Aupera Technologies announced to be chosen for investment by ARM Innovation Ecosystem Accelerator


Aupera Technologies today announced it has been chosen for investment from over 500 applicants globally by the ARM Innovation Ecosystem Accelerator (founded by ARM and Thundersoft), and has also become a new member of the ARM Connected Community, the industry’s largest ecosystem of ARM technology-based products and services.

Burnaby, BC, Canada – Aupera Technologies today announced it has joined the ARM Innovation Ecosystem Accelerator, where it will receive on-going incubation, and acceleration services, as well as gain access to the extensive ARM Ecosystem. Meanwhile, Aupera has also become a new member of the ARM® Connected Community, the industry’s largest ecosystem of ARM technology-based products and services. As part of the ARM Acceleration Camp and ARM Connected Community, Aupera Technologies will gain access to a wide range of resources to help it market and deploy innovative storage solutions that enable analysis of unstructured data, especially video.

“It is really exciting to join the giant ARM Ecosystem. It will help us to connect widely with more developers and industry alliances to showcase our innovative intelligent storage solution. This combines computing and storage capability within our standard 2U form factor system that allows processing of unstructured data, especially video data, in a way that has never been done before. We would love to have the opportunity to work with many more partners through the ARM® Connected Community. This marks a great strategic step for Aupera by connecting it to global players on a leading development platform that ARM has built over the years.” said Roy Liao, Founder and CEO of Aupera Technologies.

About ARM Innovation Ecosystem Accelerator

ARM Innovation Ecosystem Accelerator (ARM Accelerator for short) was founded by ARM and Thundersoft in Aug 2015. ARM Accelerator is the first incubation and acceleration platform centered on technical services and featured in ARM’s abundant ecosystem resources, which creates a one-stop shop for startups and OEMs at smart hardware and Internet of Things(IoT) segment, providing integrated hardware and software experience as well as resources from the ARM Ecosystem.

About ARM Connected Community

The ARM Connected Community is a global network of companies aligned to provide a complete solution, from design to manufacture and end use, for products based on the ARM architecture. ARM offers a variety of resources to Community members, including promotional programs and peer-networking opportunities that enable a variety of ARM Partners to come together to provide end-to-end customer solutions. Visitors to the ARM Connected Community have the ability to contact members directly through the website.