video surveillance


Today images and videos make up about 80 percent of unstructured big data. The growth of data mostly come from video game, surveillance camera, video on demand service and live streaming from media platforms. According to Cisco’s global mobile white paper, over three-fourths (78%) of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video by 2021. The rising demand for customized viewing of digital content has led to the significant growth of video market around the globe.

Video have the “potential to touch all aspects of life from learning and communication to entertainment and play”. However, the booming video market is facing a number of pressing video processing challenges, such as computing intensive requirement for video codec, lack of bandwidth, long time of loading and play delay, data structuring for analytics, as well as high cost of data storage. These various bottlenecks seriously affect users’ experiences and limit the usage of video data. In order to keep up with rapidly increasing video application and analytic demand, AuperaTM 2000 series system is the solution we provide to best serve video market.

AuperaTM 2000 Series is new generation of computing and storage system with innovative distributed micro-engine architecture. This micro-engine architecture achieves 10x processing efficiency in multiple video streams processing simultaneously. The AuperaTM 2000 Series are designed for enterprise-level market which focus on optimizing video data storage, processing and analytics application. Our system also achieves software defined power which can dynamically mange power based on individual task group.

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